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If it Costs Money it’s a SCAM!

In Uncategorized on February 1, 2009 at 8:19 am

I know that is the popular consensus. I know that for the most part it is true.

But just to be fair and just to confuse the newbies just a little bit more, I feel I must elaborate.

Home businesses are not scams. There is a reason they cost money to begin and some of them are WELL worth it.

Home business directories are a scam. If someone wants to charge you money to show you a list of places that hire telecommuters its a load of crap.

Software is not a scam. If you need to purchase some software to work, such as for medical transcription or something similar that is not a scam.

It all depends on what your buying. Just because it says “home business” or “work at home” somewhere next to the Price doesn’t mean its b.s.  know this is beat into your head when your starting out but it isn’t always true.

Take AVON and Mary Kay for instance. AVON costs $10 to start. Mary Kay $120. Why? Why should you pay them to begin selling their products? Look at it this way, do you think Sam Walton made everything he sold at that first WalMart? No. He bought it. When you sign on to be  representative for any company you need to stock your store.

These are not scams or pyramid schemes. It is a realbusiness of your own. Sink or swim. AVON cannot send you free products and hope you are really serious or knowledgable enough to make a successful business of it. You have to invest your own money and your own time.

It is entirely possible to make a living selling products and having home parties. Oh yes it is. But it isn’t handed to you. You have to work at it. And its hard work.


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