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Two more Work at Home Jobs

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These are similar to the Mechanical Turk and Short Task but pay a little more.

Cloud Crowd pays you to complete on line tasks and You Data pays you to watch advertisements. Your paid each week in your Paypal account.

If your interested in working outside the house in a mystery shopping or merchandising type of situation try Standee Jobs where your paid $20 to $30 to set up movie standees in your hometown theater.


Two Online Jobs You Can Start Today

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There are two online jobs you can start today and begin working and making money- TODAY.

Both are centered around the same concept: completing tasks that are to simple to hire a part time employee or contractor but to difficult to get a computer to do.
Short Task and Amazons Mechanical Turks.
Each lists tasks that you can complete for cash. Most take only a few minuets. The pay is minimal but it adds up if you have a lot of time on your hands.

Recommended Reading

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Check out these articles in your spare time for lots of great idea on making money with minimal effort:

8 Ways to Make Money Without Working

How to Make Extra Money During Christmas

4 Ways to Earn Extra Money Without Leaving Your Living Room

Telecommuting Tips for the Week

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Some helpful tips for this week come in the form of job leads and an article about the future of Telecommuting.

I have two data entry job leads.
1. Convergys– this is a data entry system with a sophisticated website. It is informative and has many answers tot he mo st asked questions.

2.Service800– another data entry. They require that you have some experience. Both require DSL or two phone lines and a computer.

The third tidbit is an article I found in Entrprentuer magazine; Solo but Not Alone. It tell of the big boom in working at home and how some people are more productive in a stable, structured environment but still want to work at home. These people are congregating in Co-work spaces all over the country to do thier job with other like minded folks.  Cool, huh?

October Solutions

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How many of us made New Years resolutions that are now defunct? Stagnating in your mind somewhere between loosing weight and reorganizing the bedroom closet are those goals you had for your home business. Autumn is most often a busy season for entreprenuers and being organized and in controll has a direct result on the money you bring in. It isnt to late to take rotten resolutions and turn them into September solutions with a few tips from Mother Nature.

Begin with your home office or work space. What happens in your yard and the world around you each year in the Autumn? Old scenery changes and new colors take its place. Your suroundings are different which spurns new thought, new ideas and new creativity. Go through your deask or workspace and clear out all the clutter. Throw away the note pads, crumpled paper and nubby pencils. Gather all your post-it notes, highlighters, pens and pencils and put them in a convenient spot. Move your desk a little to the left and add a new rug. Put a big bouquet of Mums and Black Eyed Susans on the side table and keep a little pumpkin spice candle burning near by. Its Fall! Enjoy the season and revel in all it brings, mind- body and soul.

Reorganize your goals next. Give yourself a good hour to go over all the goals you had planned to reach this year  and determine how far you are from reaching them. Some you may have made some progress toward and others may not seem so important anymore because of life changes and environmental circumstances. Decide which are still relevant and worth your time then rearrange them  by which you are closest to obtaining and which still need considerable work. Make note of any new contacts or ideas you have to progress yourself forward.

Harvest time isnt just a prelude to the cold months of winter but a respite from the frantic heat of summer. Take this time to rejuvenate. Put your priorities back in order and get ready to take the long winter months by storm.


Here is a great article on Fung Shui Fall Organizing tips from

Working at home with Family Issues

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One thing that many newly appointed work -at- homer’s do not take into consideration is what I like to call the “qualm quandry”. The qualm quandry is the never ending battle to stay working and keep on top of your game when your family is fighting against you, either purposely or not.

In the time that I have had this blog and the blog that preceded it, Managed Mayhem, I have had several catastrophes. I mean biggies. So I come from expereince. My m other died of lung cancer, my home flooded, I had someone I considered a close friend whom I had helped out repeatedly turn on me and try to ruin my career, I had marriage issues, teenage son issues and my father sied of lung cancer. I have had a breast lump issue that continues to haunt me and a tumor in my stomach. Is that enough? I have more if not.

The point is that during all this, I still needed to eat. My children still needed shoes and I had to keep the lights on.

What to do? Ah the “qualm quandry”. There is a way out of it. And its the only way.

Follow these tips to make through to the other side- ALIVE!


You must have privacy to work at home. Thats one of the biggest mistakes Ive ever made in my work at home career. I would work in the living room and in the kitchen. “After all-” Id say to myself, “I work at home to be around my kids and family. So why not be around them!”

But then someone would need a drink, someone would need a kiss, a fight would need refereed, hubby would need attention, a funny commercial would come on, the dishwasher would over flow, and then SHAZAM! the day would be gone and so would the work that I never got to do in the first place.

It is imperative to have privacy. Besides the reasons above, when tragedy strikes or qualms arise, there has to be a place where the entreprenuer can go to feel safe and at ease and able to think clearly for even just a few moments.


Being able to seperate your home life from your work life is extremely hard when their all held within the same four walls. But again, it is imperative. When you go into work, you have to shut the door to your personal life just as you would if you were at an office, a restuarant or a department store job. Do your job. Concentrate on it and shut out the rest. This not only helps you to get your work done but eases your mind from the constant diatribe of of problems that race through when times are tough.

These are only a few of the things that have helped me in my quest to work from home. I hope that they help you as well.

Life at my house

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My oldest and my youngest. Life is good.
Also, my four youngest and our latest addition to the family- King. A Freecycle find. Thanks Melanie!

Understanding Audio Book Affiliate Programs

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Understanding Audio Book Affiliate Programs


They key to understanding audio book affiliate programs is to understand the terminology used. Misinterpretation of one word in a paragraph can lead to a misunderstanding of the entire idea. Understanding audio book affiliate programs is easy and fun once you gain that basic knowledge.


An audio book is a book that is recorded on tape or CD. People who have trouble reading due to eye problems or blindness use them. Avid travelers and people on the go also use them.


Audio book affiliates are people who promote merchants audio books on their websites. Audio book affiliate websites are usually full of informational content or entertaining by nature. They enter into an agreement with the merchant to place a affiliate link on their website in exchange for a fee.


Merchants are those who offer an audio book for sale and will allow an affiliate a cash amount for each sale generated from the affiliates website.


Sometimes a merchant will require certain policies to be followed by the audio book affiliate. These requirements and rules should be reviewed carefully before deciding on an audio affiliate program. Some of these requirements may be to receive a certain amount of visitors a month, to have a Google page rank of a certain number or to own your own domain name. Go over and make sure that you can accommodate each rule. If not, it may cause your commission checks to be delayed or even stopped.


Audio book affiliates are most successful when the audio book they choose is closely related to the content of their website. Choosing to promote an audio book that is about house training a dog on a website dedicated to health and beauty secrets is not going to sell. Careful consideration and comparisons can be a great investment in your success as an audio book affiliate.


Another big help is to utilize the tools provided by the audio book affiliate program. Many will make available exceptional marketing tools like banners, buttons and other codes. They may also provide some sales and commission reports that make it easy to track your progress.



Ten Tips for Setting Family Ground Rules for Your Home-Based Business

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One big challenge of running a business out of your home is balancing work and family. If you’re serious about succeeding, then it’s up to you to set up ground rules for your family to abide by.

Here are 10 tips for setting the ground rules that will allow you to run a successful home-based business and keep a happy home.

Establish a routine and stick with it. Families, and especially children, thrive on routines. If you set up specific times for both work and family, you’ll be more productive.

Carve out a workspace. Establishing a bona fide home office sets clear boundaries for family members. Keeping your work confined to your office will keep your business from intruding on your personal life. It will also protect important business information from falling prey to children’s spills, negligence, or well-inteneded but inappropriate participation.

Keep separate quarters. If possible, locate your office in a detached section of your home: garage, attic, furnished basement, or another location away from the main house. At the very least, make sure you have an office door that can be closed to give you some privacy.

Soundproof your office. Do what you can to keep your office quiet. Make sure that the family noises from the houses — dog barking, kids yelling — don’t distract you or intrude on your business phone calls.

Schedule quality family time. Make sure your children and significant other are an integral part of your daily routine. Set up sacred rituals — bedtime, family dinner together — and devote yourself entirely to your family during these times.

Explain flex time. One of the great perks of running a home-based business is it allows you a certain amount of flexible work hours. You can run midday errands and attend the occasional school function in the middle of the day. But explain to your family members that you may not always be in a position to be with them during the workday, that projects and clients might be the priority at a particular time in the day. Otherwise you risk disappointing them when you can’t make it to a school function or take care of a family issue.

Hire help. Hiring a housekeeper or a nanny to take up some of the slack can allow you to focus on your business and be more productive. Consider this part of the cost of doing business effectively.

Assign household chores. Negotiate ahead of time what chores need to be done and by whom. Let your family members know that you are depending on them to help you out, and that you expect and appreciate their help in making your business a success.

Establish telephone protocol. If possible, establish separate work and family phone lines and email addresses. It is also important to teach your children and your spouse that, if they happen to pick up your work phone, they should answer it professionally. They should identify the business and take a detailed message so you can return the call.

Create signals. Create a signal that makes it clear when you do not want to be disturbed. This could be something as simple as closing your office door when you are hard at work or even holding up a “Do Not Disturb” sign when on the phone.


Creative Moms Business Ideas

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Being a creative person has it’s advantages for sure, but I’ve found it also has it’s disadvantages, especially in the work force.

If you love the idea of raising your children and working from home, but feel like your creativity is being stifled in the process, you’re not alone. The good news is, there are plenty of businesses out there that allow us to not only stay home and make money, but also to feed our creative tendencies as well. The key is to find your “niche” and creatively build a business around it.

There are plenty of businesses that have proven themselves lucrative through the talents of it’s owners. A few examples of these businesses are:

Creating Gift Baskets- Put together beautiful baskets of goodies for clients right from home!

Crafting for Cash- Have a craft that gets oooh’s and aaah’s from everyone? Set up a table at a craft fair and see how well it sells. If it does well, book other fairs and you’ll be rolling in the dough in no time!

Creating Personalized Children’s Letters- write letters to kiddos from such characters as Santa and the Tooth Fairy. Advertise in flyers, newspapers and online.

Create Boutique Style Hair Bows- Nifty with ribbon and a hot glue gun? Put together beautiful bows for little girls hair and sell at craft fairs and on online auctions.

Web Design- Have a website that you can’t quit revising because it’s just so much darn fun? Try offering your services to others!

Logo Design- Artistic? Create logos for large and small companies!

Creative Writing- Like to write? Join an online group of creative writers and find clients who will pay you to write for them!

Of course, these are just a few examples of ways to make money with your creative side. The important thing is that you find a balance between doing something you love and making it fit into your busy mommy life.

It may take a little ingenuity, but if you have the passion and desire to make it happen, it will!

Tonya Nusser is a work-at-home mom and creator of LetterFun 2.0 -an easy to use computer program that allows you to easily create customized children’s character letters from your PC.

Ms. Nusser is also the author of a blog about being a WAHM and the craziness that goes along with it!