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Telecommuting Tips- For Real!

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I found an article with some great tips for working at home. I also thought that they are helpful when looking for work. Build habits like these now and youll be more successful with any home job.


EXPOSED:Best Home Business For Beginners!

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Ive said it before and Ill say it again.

The truth about the truth is all in who is doing the telling.

The home business world is a prime example of that very fact.


This very morning I received a comment from a reader who has been emailing me for help.


“Ive asked you three times. Id just like your opinion on a real home business that will give me a living. How hard is that?”


My answer: Not hard but not so simple either.

Why? Because while a home business may be legit, on the up and up and all that you will still find people that hate it, feel scammed and mislead. Youll find them right along side the ones that feel it is the blessing of their life.


Its much like the competitions on the show Big Brother. They have very specific rules and regulations to complete successfully. Very simple, straight forward instructions and yet everyone cannot complete the task.


That’s just like a home business. While the instructions are simple and to the point not everyone can complete them successfully. Some people have talents that others do not. Some people have qualities of personality and specific tastes and preferences that leads them to have their own unique experience with a home business.


Take AVON and MaryKay. Everywhere you turn youll find one of these gals. Some will love and swear by the opportunity and others feel lighted, somehow scammed.


It’s a part of life to get different results for the same set of instructions- NO TWO EXPERIENCES ARE IDENTICAL.


 So, before I recommend a new business, especially to someone with little or no experience working for themselves I look to the basic business plan of the company. You can find this information by asking any rep of the company and through their website. Is it a business plan that has been PROVEN successful?


Second I ask what this person does most during the day. What are likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses in work and everyday life? Is this a home business that will benefit from those things?


The very best success stories have come from a website that few people know of. BizyMoms. They sell career kits that start from scratch and show every single step by step way to get a particular business running. I often recommend this site to first timers because the instructions are so clear. I have used the Bizyletters career kit myself and have great success with it around the holidays which is why I bought it.


Their banner is below. Check out their free information and look at the career kits. If you’re a beginner it’s a must have and even if you’ve been involved in home businesses youll see these are different.  If you use one please share your experience with me!








Start your Home Business Today!

The Truth About Work at Home Forums

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The truth about truth is that it depends on who is doing the telling.

This is most definitely true when it comes to the work at home world

and the internet in general.


This isn’t new news but it happens often because of the seeming anonymity

of the internet and forums in particular.

It occurs in the telecommuting world because

what is true to the first entrepreneurial person

is not necessarily going to be true to the next.

But also because there are liars, scammers and self centered

people in every part of the world.

Even the cyber-world.


Im not saying that forums are all bad. I use them a lot to find work and keep up with what’s new in the industry. I have moderated message boards for work at home moms beginning with ClubMom over 7 years ago and some of those early gals that I modded with are still extremely special to me. (And Shannon the most wonderful AVON rep in the world!).I met some wonderful contacts there whom I still work with. I work with BizyMoms a lot and am constantly in awe of the new info they have. I moved onto CafeMom and have board there I mod. There are more I help out at and others still I use regularly. But I DO NOT and CAN NOT use them solely. You can’t either.



Because no WAHM message board on the internet today or ever will tell you the whole truth and most will expose you to down right lies. AND because even if there is a great, wonderful, money-making company out there you will find very little positive information on a forum.



Because you will only come into contact with three different people on a WAHM forum.


When you find a WAHM forum its like finding candy when your 8 years old. Not just any candy but a certain, favorite delectable that you only get once in a blue moon. Something so amazingly, fantabulous that you jump right in and start devouring it.

 “Oh this is great! Exactly what Ive been looking for!”

But is it? Who are these people you are getting your information from?


First you’ll notice the regulars. These gals (or guys) will be logged on every, single day. There will many posts by them and they always have the last word. They have been scammed more than once in the past and have been skeptical ever since. If they have been scammed they are bitter and upset. They’ve heard of every job opportunity out there and have a horror story to tell you. They love their “authority” and never miss a chance to point out there post count or years of visits to the site.


A regular can also be a scammer. Someone with an agenda to push. They can be scamming by trying to get everyone they come in contact with to sign up to do their latest email answering gig or to join their new Well-ness company all the while hating and derogating every other opportunity in the world.


They can offer you their own home business or they can offer you a crappy opinion of every other opportunity.


Next you’ll differentiate the newbies. These guys usually title their posts something like “HELP-IM DESPERATE!!!” or “My Lights are off- I need $$$ NOW!”

They are in dire straights and hungry for any kind of information that seems new or important to them.

They want to know about an opportunity they are involved with and to be told lots of folks are making money or they want to know about an opportunity that has existed all along and they stumble upon the new forum to find this little jewel.


Or they want someone to take advantage of. They want to cry for help and take,take,take every hand out they can get and still scream for more. (Ive seen one of these. Not pretty)


But the point it- they want. They can’t help you either.




You’ll figure out the lurkers if you hang around long enough. These folks will be long time members but have low post counts, usually only piping up to promote their own business or ask questions. If they have information they don’t share it and are often found to be the MLM types that do make some money every month but need referrals and downlines. They lurk on the boards until a new set of newbies arrives and judging by the previous posts they will unleash their ad spiel.


 The point here being that when it comes down to the bottom line- your still no better off than you were before you found the dream forum. You still just don’t know for sure. No concrete evidence. You have your honest, decent people who want to share and help out but how can you tell them? Im here to tell you personally that not everyone who you meet in a forum is the kind, caring person you think they are. Even if you’ve known them for years.


But the truth is- Real People DO Make Money From Home!!! It has been on Good Morning America, featured in magazines like Redbook and O. It happens. Sure, some are like accountants and tutors and medical transcriptionists but others are real moms and dads and aunts and uncles that just do it.


So why aren’t many of them on the forums telling us how to make money?


Because they are WORKING! Think about it. If you had a lovely little income niche would you spend your days on message boards? Would you be burning up your blog airing your personal problems and dishing it about your relatives and your kids and your crappy husband if you had work? I think not. You’d be making money wouldn’t you?


Why do I torture myself?

In home life on May 16, 2008 at 10:35 pm
This boob lump is wearing me thin. After the mamo I felt better. After all, they told me that it was probably benign. That’s good, right. 
Wait that’s what they say when they don’t know for sure too, huh? So, Ive worried. Ive worried myself sick to be exact.


I broke down and went to see my old gyno just because I love and trust him immensely. 
He felt it and has decided that I definitely need to see the Breast Center in Nashville. 
So I get to worry for another few weeks. I shouldnt, I know. But I cant help it.


I try to work more to keep my mind off of it but I only find myself staring into space wondering if Ill be dieing in the near future.  
I think about stuff like this woman I saw on Montel once. S
he found out she was going to die of breast cancer before her daughter turned two. So she made a birthday recording for her daughter for 
every year of her life. Each video had age specific advice etc. 
I cried so hard when I watched that. 


Why do I torture myself?