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Forgiveness and its place in your home business

In Uncategorized on January 28, 2009 at 6:29 am

When you think of forgiveness and all it entails your home business is not the first place you consider. Forgiveness is most often related to ones personal life and the private things that happen to you.

 But how can forgiveness pertain to your home business?

 It can and does affect your home business both negatively and positively.

 Situations occur in business just as in personal life that are less than favorable. Sometimes you get ripped off, sometimes you get slandered, sometimes you’re lied to or about and sometimes you just run into a con artist that can completely take a devastating situation in your life and use it to their advantage. If you’re religious you know these kind of people pay in the end but in the business world there are other solutions.


If you are not able to forgive with skill and move on you waste valuable time that could be spent on your business and yourself. Maria Nemeth, author of “The Energy of Money,” explains that you don’t have to like, agree with or even settle what someone has done to you in order to forgive them. You just have to let it go. Let’s face it. There are people in this world who don’t care what kind of personal tragedies have happened to you, what sort of miseries you’ve endured and even if you’ve done all you can do to make it right with that person they will continue to torment you for their own benefit. There is nothing you can do about that type of person. They get their own comeuppance in the end but there is something you can do for yourself.


Forgive them. Give up your story about what happened and why. I’ve struggled with this myself. I had a dear friend who kicked me over and over and over at one of the lowest points in my life. I was used for all I could give and when I needed a helping hand I got a nasty kick in the teeth. I developed more than a professional dislike for her but a deep and seething hatred. I’ve never been treated that way before. I was at a point in my life where people I loved were dieing, my personal life was all but destroyed and my financial future and that of my 6 children was precariously close to destitute. I’ve struggled with forgiveness for my own benefit.  My Priest, Father Glassic, explained it this way; “Give it away. You’ve done all you can do. You have made it right in your head and your heart. Not everyone is caring and loving the way we would like them to be. They have their own demons to live with. All you can be sure of is how you deal with. Let it go.”


How does this affect our businesses? Forgiveness is an indispensable business tool. Not forgiving, and hanging onto wrongs you’ve been dealt keeps you buried in the past, unable to move forward in business or in personal life. You’re in a constant struggle to make people see your point and understand that you were wronged. That takes time away from being a normal productive person.


If you catch yourself doing things like this ask why. Do you crave attention? Are you afraid that no one will hear you or be interested in you without this story of how bad you were treated? Is it really helping you or is it hindering you? Think about how others really see you while you are constantly relating this story to anyone who will listen. Does it help your business or is it harmful in the long run?


To learn to forgive is to learn to move forward. There are better things on the horizon. To continue with your pitiful tale of wrongdoing is to stagnate and wither, slowing down your business progression.


If you don’t feel like you can let go of the hurt and anger just yet try to imagine a day in the future when you can. Imagine what it would be like to not have to have this hanging over your head everyday. Even if you silently enjoy calling attention to this slight once you let it go you’ll realize how much more free you feel when it’s over and how much stronger your business can become.


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