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My Boys are Superstars!

In home life, Kids and family on November 8, 2008 at 5:53 am

Well, not really but it feels like it. And Im pretty darn proud of them.

They were interviewed yesterday for a feature in Scholastic Action magazine.

It is an article about how teens are and have been affected by the economic crises.

She told me that they were “bight and articulate” and were going to help other students in the country realize that they arnt the only families to feel the crunch.

It was touch and go at first, an emotional topic as you might guess.
They were hesitant to “tell the world we are broke” as my bright and articulate 14 year old put it.
And frankly I wasnt to keen on the idea either.

But my kids are differnet. My boys have been through coporate downsizing and watched our savings dwindle. They’ve seen their fathers embarrassment at late bills and over due notices. They’ve seen me cry over friends that suddenly wernt so friendly and relationships that turn ugly. But somehow they’ve both maintained thier high grade point average. Heck, Caleb takes honors Latin! They share a bed room with younger siblings but still manage to get their homework done and occassionally help me with the laundry. (Occasionally does mean “when in need of brownie points” doesnt it?)

But since like so many others in the country, we arnt quite broke but far from well off, we decided to put ourselves out there and let other kids know its ok. You can still achieve your dreams, you can still stay on track, you can still make a good life for yourself.


Sundays are busy

In Getting started wah, Kids and family on April 20, 2008 at 10:46 pm

In preparation for the busy upcoming work week I had an inspirational idea this morning. I always fix a huge breakfast for my family on Sundays. So while mixing sawmill gravy this morning it decided a new trick in the kids chores arena.

In between bacon and biscuits I printed out a Chore Chart and then something I started calling Bonus Bucks which were little dollars bills printed in varying denominations with the kids faces on them.

Each chore they did on the list earned them a bonus buck which they can then in turn use to purchase computer time, Disney Chanel, a free pass on broccoli or staying up an extra hour. Pretty freaking’ smart huh?

Well, its like this- Im sitting up in bed on a lovely stack  of freshly laundered pillows with ye ol’ laptop steadily writing 15 SEO articles on auto radiators (due tomorrow!).

Ah yes, to the victor goes the spoils…