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Two more Work at Home Jobs

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These are similar to the Mechanical Turk and Short Task but pay a little more.

Cloud Crowd pays you to complete on line tasks and You Data pays you to watch advertisements. Your paid each week in your Paypal account.

If your interested in working outside the house in a mystery shopping or merchandising type of situation try Standee Jobs where your paid $20 to $30 to set up movie standees in your hometown theater.


Two Online Jobs You Can Start Today

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There are two online jobs you can start today and begin working and making money- TODAY.

Both are centered around the same concept: completing tasks that are to simple to hire a part time employee or contractor but to difficult to get a computer to do.
Short Task and Amazons Mechanical Turks.
Each lists tasks that you can complete for cash. Most take only a few minuets. The pay is minimal but it adds up if you have a lot of time on your hands.

Have You Heard the News?

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Here is an article from Yahoo on the best work at home jobs. All of which you could go into business for yourself doing.

Recommended Reading

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