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October Solutions

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How many of us made New Years resolutions that are now defunct? Stagnating in your mind somewhere between loosing weight and reorganizing the bedroom closet are those goals you had for your home business. Autumn is most often a busy season for entreprenuers and being organized and in controll has a direct result on the money you bring in. It isnt to late to take rotten resolutions and turn them into September solutions with a few tips from Mother Nature.

Begin with your home office or work space. What happens in your yard and the world around you each year in the Autumn? Old scenery changes and new colors take its place. Your suroundings are different which spurns new thought, new ideas and new creativity. Go through your deask or workspace and clear out all the clutter. Throw away the note pads, crumpled paper and nubby pencils. Gather all your post-it notes, highlighters, pens and pencils and put them in a convenient spot. Move your desk a little to the left and add a new rug. Put a big bouquet of Mums and Black Eyed Susans on the side table and keep a little pumpkin spice candle burning near by. Its Fall! Enjoy the season and revel in all it brings, mind- body and soul.

Reorganize your goals next. Give yourself a good hour to go over all the goals you had planned to reach this year  and determine how far you are from reaching them. Some you may have made some progress toward and others may not seem so important anymore because of life changes and environmental circumstances. Decide which are still relevant and worth your time then rearrange them  by which you are closest to obtaining and which still need considerable work. Make note of any new contacts or ideas you have to progress yourself forward.

Harvest time isnt just a prelude to the cold months of winter but a respite from the frantic heat of summer. Take this time to rejuvenate. Put your priorities back in order and get ready to take the long winter months by storm.


Here is a great article on Fung Shui Fall Organizing tips from


The Habits of the Highly Successful

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What is a habit anyway? says it is “an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary”.

Hmmm… its easy to see how this could be helpful as well as harmful.
Ever wonder what habits really, really successful telecommuters engage in? Read on.

Remember when you were one of those unlucky souls running the rat race? Think back waaaaayyyy before you started your glamorous telecommuting career to when you got up every morning and went to work for someone else. The car radio concert and the commute to work, morning chit chat in the break room with a cup of coffee and then a quick check in on the days agenda – that all seems like prework tedium but in actuality its an important part of the process. Sometime, telecommuters lose thier rhythm – or cant find it to begin with- because of the lack of prework tedium. Its important to develop a prework routine to get yourself ready- mind and body- for your telecommuters work day. Play that morning radio show while sipping a cup of coffee at the kitchen table, checking out the days To-Do list. Set yourself up to work just like any other person. Routine is important.

Another important habit to be successful while working at home is to train your family and friends. This one is a big challenge for me because I have a large family and several community commitments. I am sometimes interrupted in the middle of a work day to solve a family issue or to make changes or addendum’s to community projects. It is really important to make sure everyone that knows you is clear on when they can call and when you will be able to be of assistance. Have voice mail or an answering machine to catch calls when you cant.

Have a work area that is designated only for that purpose. Be it the kitchen table or your bedroom closet- as long as you do your work there it is your office. Treat it as such.

Make sure that you behave during your workday as you would at any other workplace. Dont watch those Magnum PI re-runs (even though Tom Selleck is EXTREMELY hard to ignore), don’t indulge in the 3 martini lunch (very often) and dont do housework (oddly, that isn’t a problem for me).

The real key to successfully working at home is to be able to manage your home life with your work life since they have magically become one. Avoid things that you know distract you and focus on developing good work habits. Set yourself deadlines and stick to them. You can do it! Be your own boss, its the toughest job you’ll ever have.

What makes it worth it

In Goals on October 8, 2008 at 8:39 pm

When something is important to you, you go the extra mile. You give it your all. You keep going even when you feel unappreciated. You keep doing what you have been doing even when you feel like you are the only one who cares. You keep doing it even if you feel taken advantage of and kicked when your down. All in the name of helping someone else, promoting a little good, paying it forward.

Helping moms work at home is like that for me. I have my reasons. Most of the time that is enough. However, every now and again its ever so nice to be appreciated.

So, when I logged onto the Cafemom group I own and found this post, I felt a little more satisified.
I helped someone. Ive given someone hope.

I am so grateful for that.

No degree- No problem!

In Goals on September 9, 2008 at 9:05 pm
One question I get a lot is “Do you have to be a college graduate to write for a living?” 

The answer is a resounding NO! 

But as always with life, if you do it makes it that much easier and better for you.


Having a degree gives you a certain edge that others just don’t have. 

You have more knowledge to draw on for your work. 

You are also able to get things done a bit faster because you’re more familiar
 with rules and structure of the language, writing styles and less apt 
to make mistakes in need of rewriting.


There is also the fact that no one should ever stop learning. 
Dont be afraid to step up to the plate and grab some extra brain food. 
If something interests you - get your feet wet!


But- just because you don’t have a degree doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of getting one. 
Maybe you have no transportation or can’t afford a go at higher education. 
Whatever the reason it is still possible to get a whole lot smarter- for free.


The internet is full of free classes and seminars. Take advantage of them. 
Getting your education this way takes much more perseverance than the traditional route. 
It is up to you to do the studying and find the answers to things you don’t understand. 
Once you’ve filled your head full of knowledge you can take a test 
(for a nominal fee or take one of their monthly free tests) and wahmo- you’ve got yourself a degree.


Check out the links below for some free education. Then head over to Brainbench and get yourself a degree!


Free-Ed - I have raved about these guys for years. From anatomy to zoology, they have it all.

Online Education Base- Take any college course for free! 

MIT Open Courseware- free classes from the Mass. Institute of Tech

The Small Business Association offers free classes to help start and run a successful business lists many free classes and coarseware


So now that your all smart and stuff how about learning some extra curricular activities!

Pole dancing could be fun (and your husband might enjoy it!)

Drawspace will teach you to draw for free

Billards lessons could be handy, too!


I think you get the idea. No matter what you want to lear you can get a great start right there in your own livingroom.


What are you learning today?



Is Breast Cancer Good For Your Career?

In Goals, home life, Kids and family, writing on April 24, 2008 at 4:40 pm

That is probably a terrible thing to say but I think I’ve driven myself insane. I have worried about this lump in my breast for days. I was up so late last night thinking about it that I was up early this morning. I just laid there staring at DH and Whistle britches, the littlest DS sleeping away.

“I wonder if it would hurt if I touched it. No, I better not push it. That might make something bad happen. Like what? If its cancer its already bad. Yeah but what if it breaks?”

Something like that over and over. So I finally get up at dawn and proof the articles I had to write and sent them in. I now have the second round of 20K due to my editor by next Wednesday. So Ive been steadily plugging away at that. Every time my mind wanders to the lumpy breast area I think of some intricate formula Im having to convey for the lay person.

Im setting goals like 3000 words before I can get my next cup of coffee etc. Just to stay focused on something besides my boobs. Tomorrow I can go to the doctor and find out if Im dieing or not.