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Two more Work at Home Jobs

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These are similar to the Mechanical Turk and Short Task but pay a little more.

Cloud Crowd pays you to complete on line tasks and You Data pays you to watch advertisements. Your paid each week in your Paypal account.

If your interested in working outside the house in a mystery shopping or merchandising type of situation try Standee Jobs where your paid $20 to $30 to set up movie standees in your hometown theater.


Recommended Reading

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Understanding Audio Book Affiliate Programs

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Understanding Audio Book Affiliate Programs


They key to understanding audio book affiliate programs is to understand the terminology used. Misinterpretation of one word in a paragraph can lead to a misunderstanding of the entire idea. Understanding audio book affiliate programs is easy and fun once you gain that basic knowledge.


An audio book is a book that is recorded on tape or CD. People who have trouble reading due to eye problems or blindness use them. Avid travelers and people on the go also use them.


Audio book affiliates are people who promote merchants audio books on their websites. Audio book affiliate websites are usually full of informational content or entertaining by nature. They enter into an agreement with the merchant to place a affiliate link on their website in exchange for a fee.


Merchants are those who offer an audio book for sale and will allow an affiliate a cash amount for each sale generated from the affiliates website.


Sometimes a merchant will require certain policies to be followed by the audio book affiliate. These requirements and rules should be reviewed carefully before deciding on an audio affiliate program. Some of these requirements may be to receive a certain amount of visitors a month, to have a Google page rank of a certain number or to own your own domain name. Go over and make sure that you can accommodate each rule. If not, it may cause your commission checks to be delayed or even stopped.


Audio book affiliates are most successful when the audio book they choose is closely related to the content of their website. Choosing to promote an audio book that is about house training a dog on a website dedicated to health and beauty secrets is not going to sell. Careful consideration and comparisons can be a great investment in your success as an audio book affiliate.


Another big help is to utilize the tools provided by the audio book affiliate program. Many will make available exceptional marketing tools like banners, buttons and other codes. They may also provide some sales and commission reports that make it easy to track your progress.



Telecommuting Work Right Now

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Looking for writers

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Date: 2008-11-17, 9:47AM CST
We are online shopping site looking for people to write a reviews on our products. You will be paid based on the number of reviews you write. I am looking for somebody with decent English writing skills. Work as your schedule permits.We are looking to pay $10-$20/review and each review must be atleast 400 words.

Interested persons can reply with experience and contact info.


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Date: 2008-11-18, 3:32AM CST


A. Develop grant proposals and update donor information
1. Research, write and prepare, under the direction of the  Community Relations Director, grant proposals to be submitted to  government agencies at the federal, state and local levels.
2. Research, write and prepare, under the direction of the  Community Relations Director, proposals to be submitted to foundations and businesses.
3. Add and update information in the development database.

Bloggers need for sports websites

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Date: 2008-11-13, 2:37PM CST

I’m looking for a few real sports fans who can write. I run a network of fan blogging websites covering nearly every sport and I need some sports bloggers to contribute on a regular basis. Experience is not necessary if you can write well. You just need to be a fan with passionate opinions and you need to be able to put those opinions into words. There is some pay. Nearly all sports are covered in our network of sites including boxing, horse racing, mixed martial arts, MLS soccer, Nascar, NHRA drag racing, NFl/NCAA football, NBA/NCAA basketball, NHL Hockey, MLB baseball, tennis, golf, poker, high school football, and the WNBA Please tell me what your favorite sport is and why it is your favorite.