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Small Business in the 70’s

In work at home basics on December 30, 2009 at 7:52 am

Okay, what!? Its 2010 (pretty much)!

That is true but I just made a major discovery.

Small businesses need the same things today that they did in 1970’s Tupperware land.

This is a major discovery for me. It makes it more attainable for me. I feel familiar with it and capable of the work it takes.

I miss the 70’s. I wasnt one of those 70’s kids…oh no. I was more like a preteen but I was there. Oh yes.

I am a terribly nostalgic person, something that has gotten progressivly worse since the death of  both my parents in the recent years. I know Carl Yung said to embrace your grief becuase that is where your soul grows but I get in these embracing states and sometimes hug grief into a state of its own death.

I was thinking of my first experiences with small home businesses.  I kept recalling, well Aunt Stepahnie sold Shakley, Aunt Ruthie sold Tupperware,  and my mom sold something…what was that… o h yes…

Sara Coventry jewlry. That was fun. She did a few parties, hated it and me and my cousins Melanie and Jamie got to keep all the jewlry that came in the starter case.  I wish I still had all that sparkly stuff!

The thing is, home businesses are not the big scam experience everyone makes them out to be but they do require and INORDINATE amount of work and MANY other things to succeed. That- Dear Reader- is the fact that they leave out, and have left out of the “Band New Home Business” literature since the 1970’s when my my mom was pitching Sara Coventry and thought she was going to make a million dollars and get free pearls.


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