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In Uncategorized on December 28, 2009 at 1:30 pm

So Im sitting at my desk working this morning and I was really putting it out. I mean words were just flying off my fingertips and I was pushing submit like every freaking five minuets. Hell yeah, rock on.
I was concentrating really hard and then my family came in the room. My 15 year old son is fighting with my 10 year old daughter about who would get on the Xbox 360 next. My four year old son was crying because he couldnt find his ViewMaster and the dog started barking incessently.
I glanced out the window to check on the dog.
He’s cool. Just barking at the neighbor.
I turned back to my work- a 500 word piece on an assisted living facility – and I hear my son say “I am going to twist your arm off!”
And before I knew it I had written
…at this gracious twisted living facility…

I looked back over at several of my other recent sentences. Damn!
…where you’ll have every comfort broken…
…enjoy your pests at a moments whim…

Sigh…and I thought I was doing so good.


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