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State Grants for Your Home Business

In Uncategorized on October 17, 2009 at 6:14 am

Small businesses often need a little financial help to get started. This can come in the form of loans from banks and financial institutions but you must pay these back at some point. Obtaining a small business grant may be a better solution for a start up company strapped for cash. These can often be found at the state level.


Small Business Association

The Small Business Association offers much information on loans for small businesses. They focus on certain aspects of small businesses such as women and minority owned, green energy business and those improving child care. There are also state grants available there for business that are profitable for your particular state like tourism and specific product sales. Check the Small Business Association website given at the bottom of this article for a list of grants that your business may qualify for.


U.S. Government

 There are several small business grants offered by the government for each state. Their website has a grant search tool that can help you find the perfect grant to apply for. There are also many other financing options available for small business owners. It is important to make sure that you qualify for each grant you apply for. Even one small mistake in paperwork or documentation can disqualify you for the grant you’ve chosen. Check the government website link at the bottom of this page for information on their financial aid for small businesses.


Minority Business Development

 The Minority Business Development Agency helps small businesses owned by minorities. They give links to each states application and small business grant applications and check lists. They offer other information on starting and running a small business such as employee relations, business tools and national news of interest to small minority owned businesses.  This can be a valuable resource for many aspects of owning and running a small business. Check the resources section of this article for the website link. is a wonderful tool for small business owners looking for financial aid for their business. There are more than 900 grants from over 26 government agencies focusing on many different groups and qualification points. It also offers a tracking device to help keep track of each grant applied for and the status of each. There is a whole section for applicant resources with articles, checklists and links to help become more educated on the grant process.



The Foundation Center

The Foundation Center is a subscription service that hooks up small business owners with various grantors. There is a lot of free information here as well. There is an online orientation that walks newbies through the process of grant seeking and all the in’s and out’s of the process in a step by step method. The subscription fee entitles members to the database of over 80,000 grant makers.


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