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Sushi- oh yeah baby

In home life, Kids and family on February 12, 2009 at 3:08 pm

I dont do blog posts like this often. I dont know why. I do videos and all kinds of crazy stuff on my Woman Condemned blog but this one is mainly for telecommuting.

However, I attempted to make sushi today- my all time favorite food in the world and it was a monumental event in my life. My whole family hates it but me. I love it. I dont have to wait to go out to eat to get it! I can have it whever I want it! Did I mention I love it?

I bought the wrap kit at Food Lion.

0212091532a1_edited You have to microwave the rice and then try to get a spoonful of it to stick to the sea weed wrap. I didnt do to good at that my first try. It kept sticking to my fingers and finally the wrap got to wet and ripped and fell apart.

sushi1  But I kept trying ( I just ate all the evidence of bad sushi wrapping before anyone saw it!)

I put avocado and crab meat on top of the rice and eventually I learned not to wait to long before starting to wrap it. They actually looked pretty good before I got to the last one and they tasted great.


I am available for sushi wrapping at your next event. Please email me for details.


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