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The Biggest Lie WAHMs’ Tell

In freelance writing, Getting started wah, home life, Kids and family on January 22, 2009 at 4:40 am

Almost all of the advertisements you will see for companies hiring work at home moms will have the words “spend more time with the kids” or “stay home with your kids” or some variation thereof in the text.

May I just say – What a crock.

Oh you are home all right and the kids are too. Thats about the extent of the truth of that statement. No work- or very little- actually gets accomplished.
Working at home is no alternative to childcare.

If you work a telephone customer service job you know what I mean. You cant service the customer with little Billy clamoring for a juice box and his goldfish crackers.

I write from home.

Even that seemingly “do it anywhere” type of job isnt so easy at home. Have you ever tried to write a 1200 word white paper with 2 children wanting you to referee a fight, 3 involved in a discussion about who gets to squeeze the oranges for juice and 1 crying because her agenda flew out of the bus window on the way home from school? (Yes, that really happened.)

Truth is, if you work at home you will still need childcare. The idea of working at home with children under foot is a misnomer.
Thats not to say it cannot be done.

I know. I do it. But it is no way the sunny, delightful experience some companies paint for you.

I know this because that very fact is why I began to work from home. I had 4 children at the time and day care costs were more than I could make at any job with only an associate of science in business and journalism.
So how do you get work done and save on child care expenses? The answer is simply stated but annoyingly hard to accomplish.
I quickly learned that to work I needed to get creative. Get up earlier, stay up later and house work…fugettaboutit.
Ask for help from friends and relatives. Let the kids play out doors more often and set up “stations” for play ONLY when mommy is working. This helps A LOT!

The real point here is that if you want to do it you can. You will find a way to get it done if it is really in your heart to do it. You might be sleepy and have to buy new clothes sine you havent had time to do laundry since the 4th of July.
But it gets easier. Hang in there.

  1. I hear you! It is not always easy to get work done with the kids hanging about, but it does get easier.

  2. You are so right – in order to work 6 billable hours at home, I often end up working 10 hours! It’s nice being at home with the kids, but the truth is that sometimes I am less available than when I was working in corporate America. At least then I could drop work and go home at a set time.

  3. I hate the ads that claim you can do it… and it’s easy.

    I do it. I have 3 kids, five and under. And I SUCCESSFULLY work from home. But, I spend an hour or two each week, PLANNING. Craft projects, games, quiet activities…. all that they can do sitting at the kitchen table, with me working right beside them. It’s hard work, but possible. I also break my work day up into hour segments… Hour of work, hour of play.

    What I really hate? The “I made $XXX,XXX this week working part-time”. What a load of crock. But, people fall for it ALL THE TIME.

  4. You guys are so smart! I love Billies comment about spending an hour or two each week planning busy activities for the kiddos.

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