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The Habits of the Highly Successful

In Getting started wah, Goals, home life, telecommuting, work at home basics on January 9, 2009 at 10:24 am

What is a habit anyway? says it is “an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary”.

Hmmm… its easy to see how this could be helpful as well as harmful.
Ever wonder what habits really, really successful telecommuters engage in? Read on.

Remember when you were one of those unlucky souls running the rat race? Think back waaaaayyyy before you started your glamorous telecommuting career to when you got up every morning and went to work for someone else. The car radio concert and the commute to work, morning chit chat in the break room with a cup of coffee and then a quick check in on the days agenda – that all seems like prework tedium but in actuality its an important part of the process. Sometime, telecommuters lose thier rhythm – or cant find it to begin with- because of the lack of prework tedium. Its important to develop a prework routine to get yourself ready- mind and body- for your telecommuters work day. Play that morning radio show while sipping a cup of coffee at the kitchen table, checking out the days To-Do list. Set yourself up to work just like any other person. Routine is important.

Another important habit to be successful while working at home is to train your family and friends. This one is a big challenge for me because I have a large family and several community commitments. I am sometimes interrupted in the middle of a work day to solve a family issue or to make changes or addendum’s to community projects. It is really important to make sure everyone that knows you is clear on when they can call and when you will be able to be of assistance. Have voice mail or an answering machine to catch calls when you cant.

Have a work area that is designated only for that purpose. Be it the kitchen table or your bedroom closet- as long as you do your work there it is your office. Treat it as such.

Make sure that you behave during your workday as you would at any other workplace. Dont watch those Magnum PI re-runs (even though Tom Selleck is EXTREMELY hard to ignore), don’t indulge in the 3 martini lunch (very often) and dont do housework (oddly, that isn’t a problem for me).

The real key to successfully working at home is to be able to manage your home life with your work life since they have magically become one. Avoid things that you know distract you and focus on developing good work habits. Set yourself deadlines and stick to them. You can do it! Be your own boss, its the toughest job you’ll ever have.


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