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I am so tired of the bull! Get out of my way scammers!

In Getting started wah, home business overview, scam on December 2, 2008 at 10:39 am

Just as a little back story let me tell you that I have been under tremendous pressure lately. A perusal through the pages here will tell you a little about my crazy life.

I take a bit of solace in performing daily rituals. Doing a load of dirty dished gives me a moment of peace. I relish the act of taking care of my family and performing a needed service around the house.

I also take a certain peacefulness from getting involved in my work. An hour of uninterrupted work time is equivalent of heaven to me. I can get more work done in an hour than most non-wahms can all day. One part of my work routine is that every morning I take about 20 minuets and peruse the job boards and local opportunities. It is always a nasty smack in the mouth when you apply to a craigs list post only to get a big fat scammy email back asking for money or 15 sample articles or something equally crappy, scammy and reminiscent of bullshit.

Did I mention that I have been under extreme pressure lately? Keep that in mind as I relate to you how I applied for a posting on Nashville craigslist:

 Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-11-21, 1:40PM CST

This is a part-time, on-going opportunity to write articles and website content, product descriptions, etc. Our freelance writing service is currently expanding, adding new clients weekly, and needs additional writers to take on writing projects.

You will work in concert with our clients to produce written website content for a variety of websites and on a variety of topics.

We are looking to work directly with writers, rather than with writing services, or middlemen, etc. Pay is dependent on experience and requirements, and is commensurate with standard writing rates for these types of projects.



No sooner did I apply did I receive the following email:

Thanks for your interest in joining our network for freelance writers. All information necessary to get started writing for us should be included in this email and on our website. We send out weekly emails to our group of writers listing details for various clients not listed anywhere else that are seeking writers.

You will be able to contact clients directly with your specific bid for their project. Our weekly email will tell you the topic, the format and length, and often additional information like turnaround time, etc.
TO REGISTER FOR THE LIST, please visit our website,, and click on “register now.” You’ll also find more information about our clients, the list format, bidding, and more.

Once you have registered in our system through our website, you will be added to our registered writers immediately, and you will being receiving assignment requests upon the next mailing — again, typically on Friday.

There is a $6.99 yearly payment required via paypal to be included in our project mailing, as is the case with many other freelance services like Elance and Guru (they charge more than us!) In addition, the price of our service has increased over time, and using the Paypal system locks in the current price for as long as you want to remain on our program. The registration is handled through our website,

Thanks so much for your interest,

Now, this guy might be ok but my point is that I have found this post at least 4 different times in the area for writing and editing jobs. It does not go there.

I have written to him and asked him to stop placing it there. I have contacted craigslist all three times never to receive a response.

What is a girl to do? Maybe its my stress factor that is making this just crawl under my skin the way it has. But I feel slighted. I feel scammed… and slightly greasy.

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog earlier today! And I totally agree with you – that’s scammy. The concept itself is fine (you do pay sometimes for such things) but the method of handling it is wrong. It should be right in the ad that it is for a paid mailing list, not an actual job. Craiglist really should be responding to you.

    Take care!

  2. So pathetic. I don’t understand why people feel the need to scam others… and why they have no moral ground.

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