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In the midst of hell there is a light

In give aways, home life on November 25, 2008 at 3:41 pm

My father has lung cancer. It sucks. But it is the truth.  I go to the hospital with him as he has his chemo, I stay for a few days, I talk with him, cry with im, laugh with him. And its all to familiar. Why? Because my mother lost her own battle with lung cancer not two years ago.

I spend days away from work and family and home and try my best to let my dad know I love him and he isnt going through this alone. Not for one minuet if I can help it. Sometimes I need to be somewhere in a hurry. In such a hurry at times that I have to drag children and all along with me. The kiddo’s have spent a lot of time in the family waiting room lately. I have found a blessing to help just a tiny bit in these trying times. While they sit in the waiting room and hallways of the hospital they have a set of book from MobiStories that they check out.

Not just regular books but books online. Read to them and pages turned along with the naration. I like looking over my shoulder and seeing them gathered together at the table focused on the tales of The Thanksgiving Squirrel.

It is a simple and healthy way to entertain the kids in a snap during the holidays.

As a special treat to my readers, and to prove Im not full of crap, I want you all to try out these great books- FREE!Get $10 worth of Mobistories free by using the coupon code and instructions below. Then come back and share your experiences here!

Go to their website

Pick out your ten dollars worth of free books. (Dont forget to order the ones that are free too!)

Put in the coupon code :


You’ll get an email with links to the download page and once you get ther you have your books!


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