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Organization for the unorganized

In Uncategorized on November 2, 2008 at 7:43 am

Im awful. I am so unorganized.

I blame this on the fact that I have 6 children and a husband who could be considered a 7th.

I am constantly cleaning up after them and cooking for them and orgainizing after school activiites, clothing, church functions and then on top of it all- Im working 4 different projects right now ( with a 5th looming near its start date… oh geez)

AND- believe it or not- Im not the most computer literate person in the world. I tend to learn a new skill and then stick with it. Even if another, more productive, skill comes along on its heels.

As a little example of this I sit and stare at my tiny home office. It looks like a train hit it.

And it has. 7 individual train wrecks hit it daily looking for markers, crayons, Scotch Tape etc…

“Mom, wheres my mechanical pencil?”

“Honey, have you seen my box cutter?”

“MOM! I have to have 4 sharpies for class today. Sorry I forgot to tell you!”

But- somehow, Im able to get my work done. More or less on time.

I was momentarily vindicated and sufficiently placated by the book “A Perfect Mess,” by Eric Abrahamson and David H. Freedman, which shows the hidden benefits of being unorganized and cluttered and claims you can be productive this way. Hoorah!I read a great CNN article that told me I was just fine the way I am!

It was then I spent a week searching my office for the source of a foul odor that would waft through every so often and I realized- I need help. When I found the bowl of solid, stinky milk (spoon and Froot Looops protruding through like a playschool kitchen toy) under a pile of MOMS Club applications and bank statements I thought to myself

“Wouldnt it be great if someone could come in and place all my stuff on disk and file it away for me in a very easy to work with style?”

Oh wait. That can totally happen.

Pixily is a WAHMs best friend. Quite literally. You get organized with a quickness and I dont mean just a decluttered desk. I mean a decluttered LIFE! They provide you with pre-paid envelopes with which you send them all your paperwork. The organize, and store it for you. You can easily find it, share it and access it from anywhere. Its a monthly service that can orgainze a wahms life like nobodys business.

Got more paperwork from the kids school? Have three agendas from MOMS Club and the lastest Cub Scout fundraiser waiting for attention? Pixily’s got you covered. Once a month or once a week or once a DAY send it to Pixily.

Save trees and your sanity with this service and I aint whistlin’ dixie here ladies.

Theres a free trial on the site and if you like it I suggest checking back here in the next few weeks for a nice little surprise!

Go clean your desk off. You know it needs it.

  1. I loved your post so much that I wrote about you on my blog and I’m sending my readers over to read your post!

  2. […] evaluate my lack of organization. Certain that there must be a better, and safer, solution I found Telecommuting Truths asking “Wouldnt it be great if someone could come in and place all my stuff on disk and file it […]

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