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The Way Back Machine

In Getting started wah on October 20, 2008 at 9:53 pm

I always get so nostalgic this time of year. Progressively so each year too. I think I must be getting old.

Today it was helpful however.

I was working on an article for a client about the city of Indianapolis. Its where I grew up. That’s one of the things I love about writing. I got to spend the day reading about my old home town; places Id been and loved and enjoyed. Ah…the good old days.

Something reminded me of how my mother used to sell Sarah Coventry jewelry. I had forgotten all about that. I would say that is the reason behind my passion for working at home but that isn’t true. My memories of that period are less than rosy.

I remember she paid about $100 bucks (which was a lot more money in the ’70’s than it is now!) and got a big pink case that tickled the crap out of me. It was full of sparkly jewelry in velvety bags and little mirrors and all kinds of pink and velvety girly stuff.

That whole deal worked out better for me than her. She did a few shows and gave up leaving me with the cool case and the sparklies. Awesome.

  She gave up because she had limited support. Back in the day there were no conference calls, training dvd’s or email support. You got your kit by mail and good luck to ya.

Now there are a million ways to succeed. Al the media venues we have now as well as ump-teen ways to communicate. So we should all succeed in a home business right?!


There are two things we need to succeed in a home business:

Adequate information


If you sign on to a company and there is no support and no training – there is no hope. You have to have enough information to succeed.

Determination is imperative. You have to want to succeed at all costs. You must be voracious in your study of the training. Ask questions get out of your comfort zone until you have expanded it.

Owning a home business is not easy. Its not a license to print money. Its actually harder to work for yourself than anyone else. Be diligent, work hard. It can happen.


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