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Crafty broads… gotta love ’em

In Uncategorized on October 16, 2008 at 4:38 pm

Years ago I found an ad in the back of a Cosmo for a directory of WAH companies for $35. I bought it. I look back on that now and it is a wonder I did not get ripped off. But this was 1992. I was green. It turned out well, however.

It was an actual directory and though some of the entries were outdated some were real. My first attempt at home business was putting together these bead hook earrings. Buy the kit for $10 and when you put the earrings together they buy them back for $30! Whoa! I could so do that with my toddler babying about sweetly at my feet.

I got the kit and figured out two things real fast. 1- it took about 10000 years to put together one set. It was extremely hard, especially for someone who had never done anything like it before. and 2- they don’t buy them back unless they are PERFECT. Perfect meaning not one tiny bead turned a dull side forward. Not one iota of wire showing. etc.

Yeah right.

I sat on the couch one afternoon as No1son played at my feet.

Right, everything according to plan.

He waited until I had everything unpacked and sitting on my little craft table so neatly. Tins of tiny beads and little hooks. Wire snips, little pliers CUTE! I’m a professional!

Then he toddled over an whammed his little fist on the table. Beads and hooks and scraps of my sanity flew all over the room.

Telecommuting Truth of this tale? If your able to do crafts at home and they are good, try selling them yourself to craft stores, online and brick and mortar. Sell at Etsy- the homemade crafty type ebay. It can be done. Do it.


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