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How to Use Free Marketing Leads

In Getting started wah, home business overview on October 15, 2008 at 7:53 pm


So you are a Mary Kay lady or you and Avon lady. Or maybe you sell Tupperware or candles or spa products. Or maybe you have your own business and sell diaper cakes or your a writer or a blogger or any number of things… WHATEVER it is your trying to draw attention to there is a free way to get it out there to LOTS of folks. Most imortantly to folks who want to see it!

That way is to use marketing leads and you can get them for free. You can pay for them too. But who wants to do that? You can get some good results with the free leads but it takes a little more work and generally more time. The paid leads get more results faster because they are most often extremly fresh i.e the person is sitting waiting patiently on the information that you have to give them and they are often extremly targeted i.e. the person is really looking for the very specific thing your talking about.

“Marketing leads” is a fancy way of saying a list of people who have opt’ed in their contact information in the hopes of receiveing information on a specific topic.

There are a few places to get free leads. These may be as old as 30 days and may not be complete so you’ll have to move fast.

Free Leads

Sales Genie will offer free leads ocasionally.

Make sure you have a compelling and informative sales letter to send out once you have your free leads. Your best bet is to send them out right away. Give the terms of your give away or product. Give phone numbers, websites, blog addys- everything someone would need to buy that product from you or rea your book or blog or enter your contest or what have you.

So good luck!


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