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In home life, writing on October 7, 2008 at 3:52 pm

Autumn is my favorite season. It is the preferred time of year for many people. Ask them why and you’ll get a bevy of answers; most entailing the lovely colors of nature and the temperature change. Some replies will have to do with holidays, birthdays and other events. Fewer still will mention personal reasons and memories and probably least of all will mention careers and work.

Me- as usual- would reply with a convoluted combination of the two least normal reasons.

I have a peculiar personality quirk wherein I am very nostalgic, sometimes to the point of melancholy. Fall brings about those feeling ten fold. Also due to changes like school schedules etc. I have more free time on my hands than usual. I spend it writing and working at home much more than I am usually able to.

But its the combination really that makes fall such a productive time for me. I will often find myself staring out the window with a mug of steaming black coffee as my mind drifts back to my past. Inevitably Ill find a story idea somewhere in my tangled memories.

My point is, use your day- however it presents itself. Use whatever your life hands you and create your future with it.


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