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Blogs: The Real Deal vs Ego-Fest

In blogging, Getting started wah, home business overview on September 17, 2008 at 2:57 pm

I remember being a newbie in the WAH world and desperate for information. Searching madly for some tid bit of knowledge that would help propel me to where I wanted to be:

A successful WAHM ( hear birds chirping and a chorus of cherubs stringing and striking hand bells while a beam of sunlight shines down upon me as I sit at the keyboard)

When I discovered blogs I thought I had stumbled upon the holy grail of wahm tomes. Why, here were words from actual WAHM’s doing what I want to do. Sharing with me all their trials and tribulations and all I have to do is take in this information and learn from it! Ah, joy!

I quickly learned, however that you cant believe everything you read in these little wonders (WHAT! GASP!)

You’d think that to qualify oneself as an expert in some field you would have to have some practical experience in the industry. But not so! Expert blogs the world over are written by folks with very limited or no experience in the very trade they are trying to brag to you about.

Ever see one of those writers blogs where they rave about their selves and their accomplishments? How many clients they have and how wonderful their writing life is. Do a little digging and you’ll find many of them have only two or three years experience writing for local papers and some web content. Sigh…  

BUT- if you dig deep enough you’ll find the true blue pros somewhere in the slush. They are easy to spot because they will have a lot less bravado and a lot more links to their work in actual magazines and print venues that pay.

Yes, sadly it is true. You have to wade through the b.s. ego -fest blogs to find the truly helpful, real-deal stuff. You’ll find these so called experts in every field, holding conference calls and chats to spew forth their limited knowledge to eager, naive newbs when the year before they were begging for help just like the next guy.

The good news is  you can still pull nuggets of gold out of those crapfest blogs. Chances are those types of bloggers have culled some limited knowledge from their wee bit of time at the trade. If they seem to be honest in their experience and up front about their knowledge learn from what they have to say. If they’ve been in the business 2 years and your just starting then they have at least two years of knowledge to impart. Not the seasoned pro we’d all love to be mentored by, but something.

If your a brand-new newbie (as opposed to a seasoned newbie I guess! LOL!) these blogs are a good starting place. You should first read the “About Me” sections of the blog. Is it full of talk and no links? Look for links to real jobs they have held. If your reading a blog from a wahm daycare owner ask about their licensing requirements and state obligations. If your trying to break into the industry and have been following a blog by a call center operator take a close look at her posts. Do they all point to an affiliate link? Is her blog a paid blog?

Before you take what you read for gospel get to know the person behind the blog.


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