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No degree- No problem!

In Goals on September 9, 2008 at 9:05 pm
One question I get a lot is “Do you have to be a college graduate to write for a living?” 

The answer is a resounding NO! 

But as always with life, if you do it makes it that much easier and better for you.


Having a degree gives you a certain edge that others just don’t have. 

You have more knowledge to draw on for your work. 

You are also able to get things done a bit faster because you’re more familiar
 with rules and structure of the language, writing styles and less apt 
to make mistakes in need of rewriting.


There is also the fact that no one should ever stop learning. 
Dont be afraid to step up to the plate and grab some extra brain food. 
If something interests you - get your feet wet!


But- just because you don’t have a degree doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of getting one. 
Maybe you have no transportation or can’t afford a go at higher education. 
Whatever the reason it is still possible to get a whole lot smarter- for free.


The internet is full of free classes and seminars. Take advantage of them. 
Getting your education this way takes much more perseverance than the traditional route. 
It is up to you to do the studying and find the answers to things you don’t understand. 
Once you’ve filled your head full of knowledge you can take a test 
(for a nominal fee or take one of their monthly free tests) and wahmo- you’ve got yourself a degree.


Check out the links below for some free education. Then head over to Brainbench and get yourself a degree!


Free-Ed - I have raved about these guys for years. From anatomy to zoology, they have it all.

Online Education Base- Take any college course for free! 

MIT Open Courseware- free classes from the Mass. Institute of Tech

The Small Business Association offers free classes to help start and run a successful business lists many free classes and coarseware


So now that your all smart and stuff how about learning some extra curricular activities!

Pole dancing could be fun (and your husband might enjoy it!)

Drawspace will teach you to draw for free

Billards lessons could be handy, too!


I think you get the idea. No matter what you want to lear you can get a great start right there in your own livingroom.


What are you learning today?



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