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Home Business- when you cant pay the set-up fee

In Getting started wah, home business overview, writing on September 1, 2008 at 4:07 pm
If you are just getting acquainted in the Work at Home World 

or if you have been around for a while and still not found exactly what 
you’re looking for make sure that you have considered all your options.


Working at home does not just mean working for a telecommuting company 

that hires home workers. Although this is a great option, it isn’t your only one. 

When I first began writing some 15 odd years ago it was few and far between. 

I started when my first born (now 17!) was a tiny little baby and I had just finished 

my A.S degree. I wrote a few pieces for Outlaw Biker magazine. I was paid. 

I felt special and I went on to have a few more tech pieces published 

but soon enough my second son was born and I suddenly didn’t have the same passion 

for getting published. 

I still wrote but I wanted a job that was more structured. 

I didn’t want the burden that freelance writing puts upon you of coming up 

with the idea, writing it querying it and waiting for your rejection or acceptance. 


So I looked for other work. 

My first wahm job was with Cypher Services. 

They were a document coding service that has since closed its virtual doors. 

I quickly learned that while the job in itself was easy to do it was also dull as dirt. 

I was bored spitless whenever Id sit down to work and it took a toll. 

I would procrastinate like crazy then end up having to rush to hit deadlines. 

Sigh… Back to the drawing board.


I tried the various texting companies for a while and while that is fun and interesting work 

I couldn’t get enough to make ends meet. 

I eventually began writing again but I also took a position with 

helping moms interested in working from home.  

It was then that I really began to see how many alternatives there are to work at home.


You don’t have to baby sit or sell avon to make money at home. 

No need to pay hundreds of dollars for the “start up kit” to that guaranteed home business.

There are literally thousands of home businesses you can start at home with little to no start up.

You only need your imagination, determination, a sharp business sense and the drive to succeed no matter what. 

The down payment/set up fee/investment involved in home businesses is always a pain. Most companies have a deal where the proceeds of your first home party will go to the purchase of your kit. They dont always tell you that tho so ASK!  

Have you ever thought of starting a creative letter business? This is where you write letters from Santa, Easter Bunny or The Tooth Fairy. You market them to the community and schools. Run a discount or fundraiser. The possibilities are endless and this type of business continually makes money year after year. I’ve done this one myself and raised $1700 in a few months for my children’s school.   BizyLetters Career Kit What about tutoring or teaching a special skill? So many moms have special skills they count as hobbies or silly little time wasters. Can you twirl a baton? Instruct? Can you draw sing, paint? Are you great in English or math? Can you speak Italian? Cash in on your skills and teach them!   Tutormonster Career Kit Live by a college? Start editing and proofreading term papers. Start a resume service or desk top publishing company. Are you friendly and outgoing? Consider starting a neighborhood welcome service. Where you a career woman before becoming a stay at home mom? Why not use the skills and background you have from your work and become freelance technical writer?   Bizy Welcome Service Career Kit All of these things can be done without buying a kit. It is harder without a kit. If you are a good researcher and don’t mind asking questions you can do it without the benefit of a kit though. Learn to research home business ideas to the fullest. The internet and your library, heck- even television- are wealth of free information. Take free and low-cost classes and lectures. Research Tips for the Internet) Take your passion and let it inspire your bank account as well and your spirit!

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