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In home life, writing on August 28, 2008 at 3:15 pm
In light of the disorganization dilemma Ive had lately 
I decided to hunt out other wahm  ideas for re-organizing.


I wasn’t always this bad. 
At one time I really had my act together but after a series of mishaps last year 
the stress and constant distractions slowly turned me into that crazy college professor 
with four pencils stuck in her frizzy hair bun peering over the heap of crap she calls a desk.


I am also easily distracted. 
With two teenage boys my home is almost always full of teens. 
I'm always needed for a hug or a ride or a plate of pizza rolls and kool aid.


During the school day it is a little easier to get work accomplished but as I said, 
I am hopelessly easy to distract. 


Just this morning I sat on the porch with coffee cup safely beside me and laptop at the ready 
when my neighbor strolled up. He commented on the smell of my coffee all the way into his yard. 
So he had a cup and I had another cup 
and we conversed on the type of coffee and the woodpecker invasion of late 
and how mild a summer we’ve had. 
Then we talked about the pumpkins growing in my garden and as he walked back across my yard 
I thought how nice it would be to make my moms recipe for pumpkin cheesecake. 


I decided to email my aunt for it and as I was doing that 
I thought how I should get that pork roast out for dinner. 
Then it was 10:00 a.m. and I couldn’t remember what I was about to do.
 Standing in the kitchen rubbing my head I thought-
 “I was doing something important a minute ago…what was it?”


Oh yeah… working…




Anywho- I found these articles with tips I found helpful. Hope you do too!


 How to Avoid Work at Home Distractions
How to Stay Motivated
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