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Telecommuters Cover Letters A.K.A: The life or death of your resume

In Getting started wah on August 11, 2008 at 3:35 pm

Whats a cover letter?

It is the letter of introduction you should be giving each potential employer along with your resume.

It tells the employer who you are and what your experience is but more so than a resume because you can actually say what experience benefits this employer in what way.

It is absolutely vital to have a smashing cover letter.

If your not getting jobs take a serious look at your cover letter.

Always include a cover letter, even if the job description doesn’t ask for one. It is a sign of professionalism that employees often take for granted.

However, when a slew of new applicants come in they look at those without cover letters as a bit amateur.

Cover letters are so important because it is the very first contact your potential has with you. You want to make it great.

You want- at the very least- for that person to want to learn more about your abilities.

The trick with us though, is that a telecommuters cover letter is quite a bit different than a on site job cover letter.

There are tricks to employ that help get your point across stronger and show case your talents and abilities in the best light.

Certain little things like addressing it to a real person and not Dear Editor or Dear HR administrator helps to get y our foot in the door just a little farther than the next guy.

Even if you have to do a little leg work to find out who that person is. Most ads will give a contact persons name. Use it.

Don’t forget that a cover letter is, in all actuality, a great big advertisement for your services.

You are selling your abilities and talents in this cover letter so go for the gold.

Remember the double T’s: be Tactful but Truthful.

Ive compiled a list of articles that are really wonderful in this topic.

Check ’em out and get to work on that cover letter. I’m going to weed my tomato plants.

See ya’ll later.


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