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How Can I Find a Work From Home Job?

In Getting started wah on August 6, 2008 at 3:37 pm

Do you know how to get your much sought after work from home job?

Do you know the first thing you must do? The most important tool at your disposal is free.

It is your telecommuters resume and it is a must have.

Don’t get nervous. It isn’t hard. As a matter of fact if you have resume it only takes a few tweaks to make it a work from home resume.

You’ll have to list all of you work from home experience- even if you think you don’t have any.

You’d be surprised how many people do not list their home businesses on their resume.

If you sell AVON or MaryKay- if you walk dogs or babysit- you have work from home experience and it should be touted.

Make sure to list those experience as professionally as possible. If you sell AVON list the office work you were able to accomplish at home:

Used accounting software to track weekly sales

Created and distributed marketing material

Supervised downline



Make sure to mention that you are looking to telecommute and why you can do so efficiently. List all your home office equipment and your proficiency with each.


PC with Windows XP professional

Two phone lines



Make sure to use the phrase “telecommute from my home office” as opposed to “work from home”. Don’t list your reason why, either. No one cares if you have an illness or are a single mom.

Rough, but true.

ALWAYS send a cover letter. This is where you can target your employer and get more in depth than your resume. Tell them exactly how you can work for them better than anyone else ever in the history of their company.

Those are just the basics. We will talk more about cover letters later.

But before you can even begin to look for a job you MUST have this resume. I’ve listed other resources below to help you in your resume creation. If you need me email- Ill be having coffee on the porch.



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