Get it while it's HOT...

Scares and worries…

In home life, writing on April 26, 2008 at 4:34 pm
The doctor said it was most likely a cyst in my boobie and scheduled me for a mashogram on Tuesday. 
Always a joy.

I have a birthday party for next to smallest male child tomorrow. Sigh.. 
How can I get 20K words written by Wednesday? How, how, how?

We are back to schedule, aren’t we? The bane of my existence. 
I believe someone should develop a way of scheduling that involves no scheduling whatsoever. 
Write a book called something like 
How to Get Everything on Your to do List Done Without Actually Trying or very similar. 

I once interviewed the very talented Joanna Fluke. She writes very cute and savvy mysteries about a baker, Hannah Swensen 
who solves murder mysteries in her little country town. 
She told me that she couldnt write her novels until her children were grown and out of the house. Hm...

Completely coincidentally- I just remembered that back in my twenties some friends and I saw a card reader one night. 
She told me I would have some measure of success in my later years. Geesh, I forgot about that.


Is it later?



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