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Sundays are busy

In Getting started wah, Kids and family on April 20, 2008 at 10:46 pm

In preparation for the busy upcoming work week I had an inspirational idea this morning. I always fix a huge breakfast for my family on Sundays. So while mixing sawmill gravy this morning it decided a new trick in the kids chores arena.

In between bacon and biscuits I printed out a Chore Chart and then something I started calling Bonus Bucks which were little dollars bills printed in varying denominations with the kids faces on them.

Each chore they did on the list earned them a bonus buck which they can then in turn use to purchase computer time, Disney Chanel, a free pass on broccoli or staying up an extra hour. Pretty freaking’ smart huh?

Well, its like this- Im sitting up in bed on a lovely stack  of freshly laundered pillows with ye ol’ laptop steadily writing 15 SEO articles on auto radiators (due tomorrow!).

Ah yes, to the victor goes the spoils… 


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