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Sex texting- Its not just for teens

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Im serious. Women all over the world are doing it and you’ll never guess who they are.

The preachers wife, little Bobbys kindergarten teacher, the PTA president…oh yeah.

Sex texting isnt as lurid as it sounds. Your actually asked NOT to get to funky.

Sex-texting or “Texting”  as the experts call it is just like texting your boyfriend or that hunky mechanic at Pep Boys. Only its not, it’s a total stranger. Ok, let me rephrase that, its a total stranger to you– to him its the gorgeous chickie he’s been texting the last few weeks or months.

Texting companies will have a log-in page that all operators work from on their computer. You log in on your designated time and you will have a user interface page. It will tell you who you are and who you are talking to.

You might be:

Tiffany-23 years old, blonde hair blue eyes 23″ 36″ 23

He might be:

Frank- Butcher Holler KY. 28 yrs old, likes bowling and NASCAR

Your details thoughtfully put together by the staff and his added by the many, many Tiffany’s that he has texted to.

Some services will even have pictures for you to send with your messages. The messages can get a little risque but your told during training to not get to sexy and nothing weird- no bestiality, no necrophilia, no incest, rape etc.

Getting a job with one of these can be difficult. It works in your favor if you have excellent typing skills, customer service (that includes lip service) experience and some experience working at home.

This is in no way an easy job. It sounds like loads of fun but in reality can be just as grueling as a 9-5er. The pay isnt as great as it could be and it is most often delivered monthly.  Most companies require you to schedule your work hours a week or two ahead of time and work a minimum of 25 hours a week. Your also often required to schedule in UK time which isnt always easy.

While sex texting isnt really sex texting but more like serious flirt texting- tarot texting is what it says it is and many of these companies offer both.

Below is a list of resources to check out for further information.  The companies may or not be hiring. It is up to you to find further information.

Interview with ex-sex text worker

Short Message Sex- textual intercourse

C_U_N_T_S- Collaborating, underpaid network of teleho’s

Stream Texting~ Offers non-adult lines.
And Put Sex Texting Position in Subject Line

BOX-69 *NO SET SCHEDULE* *10 Hours per Week MIN*
Pay:ranges from 7p to 20p depending on retention
rates are reviewed Quarterly
*when you have reached the min amount required per week*

Evoke Chat (scheduled) 10 to 16 hours per week
10p to 14p per message, depending on grade
PAYS MONTHLY VIA PAYPAL around the 10th of the Month


LST (scheduled) 25 hours per week
Pay based on Retention.
1st pay Month following hire
Then Converts to WEEKLY pay

*This company is REFERRAL ONLY*

NOGoats(Scheduled via Rota)
6p Weekdays/7p weekends

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