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In Getting started wah on April 18, 2008 at 12:00 am


It is more important than I can explain in normal human phrases. It supersedes eating, drinking and making number 1 or 2.

If you have no schedule you have no job. Or you wont for long.

When I began working at home I was a coder for a legal company. I sat all day long coding peoples patent documents. It was long, boring work. (Except when I got a bunch of documents from the ENRON scandal. There were tons of emails and memos to code for a legal office!) So, I would put it off until the last possible minuet.

What I soon figured out doing that was that I was on the slow road back to unemployment. What  I found next was that I wanted to do it less and less. When I finally forced myself on task it was like writing a Dear John letter. I wrote it because I had to not because I wanted to.

I eventually got better (more interesting) work and I always try to make a schedule to complete it on time or with time to spare. When I first get the assignment I ask any pertinent questions including the due date. Then I figure out how much time Ill have to devote to it to get it done by the date.

If its a work that must be done at a particular time or date, I plan the rest of my day or week accordingly. Getting all my other responsibilities taken care of ahead of time leaves that block of time open for work.

Stay consistent with your work schedule and you’ll find that it enhances your productivity. And we all know what happens then!


 But see- no one ever tells you the importance of this stuff when you start. No one sits you down and looks in your eye and says “Hey Chick, get your shit together or your going back to Waffle House 3rd shift.”

So know it now. Treat your home job like a real job and its going to work for you.

My work here is done. Im off to Wal Mart to purchase martini glasses and peruse the clearance isle. Ill tackle that assignment when I get back. Ive got time.


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